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Scientific Topics & Conveners

Theme and Topic


A - Resources and Environment

A1 - Environmental contaminants of emerging concern

Ester Heath, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Co-Convener: George Cobb, Baylor University, Waco, Tx, USA

A2 - Water quality and food production

Philippe Garrigues, University of Bordeaux, France
Co-convener: Livia Simon Sarkadi, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

A3 - Natural resources and mining

Thilo Hofmann, Vienna, Austria
Co-convener: Britta Planer-Friedrich, Bayreuth University, Germany

A4 - Advanced  oxidation processes

Walter Giger, Zurich Switzerland
Co-Conveners: Urs von Gunten, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland, and Dion Dionysiou, ACSENVIR and University of Cincinatti, USA
Scientific Committee:
Zekiye Cinar, Turkey;
Despo Fatta-Kassinos, Cyprus;
Ana Lopes, Portugal, DCE;
Idil Arslan-Alaton, Turkey;
Gianluca Li Puma, UK

A5 - Air quality

Selahattin Incecik, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Co-Convener: Gerhard Lammel, Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany


B - Chemistry and Society

B1 - Chemistry in the cultural context

Eugenio Caponetti, University of Palermo, Italy

B2 - Chemistry in the multinational European environment

Bridget Whiddon, France
Co-Convener: Mustafa Sözbilir, Turkey

B3 - EYCN career workshops

Frederique Backaert Chair, EYCN
Christina  Todasca Past chair, EYCN
Co-Convener (EYCA competition): Bruno Pignataro


C - Materials

C1 - Properties, structure and synthesis of materials

Barbara Albert, Univ. Darmstadt, Germany
Co-convener İskender Yılgör, Koc University Istanbul

C2 - Nanochemistry

Bruno Chaudret, CNRS Toulouse France

C3 - Functional materials

Antoine Maignan, Caen, France

C4 - Energy materials

Nicola Armaroli, Bologna Italy

C5 - Soft solids and polymers

Peter Griffiths, University Greenwich, UK


D - Synthesis and Catalysis

D1 - New horizons in catalysis 

Carmen Claver, Tarragona, Spain Katherina Al-Shamery, Oldenburg, Germany

D2 - Advances in inorganic synthesis

Sylviane Sabo-Etienne, CNRS Toulouse, France

D3 - Synthesis of functional compounds for bioimaging

Silvio Aime, Torino, Italy
Mark Bradley, Edinburgh, UK

D4 - Advances in organic synthesis

Olivier Riant, Univ. Louvain, Belgium


E - Chemistry for&in Life Sciences

E1 - Imaging in the Life Sciences

Silvio Aime, Torino, Italy
Mark Bradley, Edinburgh, UK

E2 - Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

Ian Churcher, GSK, UK

E3 - Advances in the chemistry of biomacromolecules

Joel Sussman, The Weizman Institute, Israel
Co-convener: Istrael Silman, The Weizman Institute, Israel


F - Understanding Matter and Reactions

F1 - From biomics to metabolomics to functionomics

Jasminka Godovac-Zimmermann, University College London, UK
Katharina Landfester, SC and Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany

F2 - Bioanalytics for Life Sciences

F3 - Nanostructured natural and man-made materials

Mischa Bonn, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany

F4 - Advances in analytical methods

Silvia Gross, Universita degli Studi di Padova, Italy and IENI-CNR


Additional Program

G - Mixed Topics Posters

H. Grennberg (SC Chair)

Bosphorus Sessions: Linking Europe and Asia

H. Grennberg (SC Chair)